Starting now : the Easter Market of The Magic Worlds Studios !

Easter market 2015 poster

We are pleased to invite you to join the Easter Market :

What is it ?

A commercial event : Easter celebration

When is it ?

15 march 2015 =>  5 april 2015

Where is it ?

At Tequila

How much does it cost ? (Payment is for all the duration and doesn’t change, whatever is the date of your registration). You pay a one time 250 linden / 20 prims  for all the duration of the event.

==> Choose your location
==> Left click the info board and open the link to join The Magic worlds studios group
==> Pay (right click > more > buy) the sign board and then set  your place up.
==> Your contact : Nana Saenz or Pierre Ceriano for the rezz rights.

Yes, we can set a prims exchange instead.

End then ?

We provide a marketing support :
– Weekly (Saturday or Sunday, and Wednesday) notices in several groups, including our own subscriber group (over 600 active customers). We have no doubt some of you have much more subscribers in their groups but OUR customers always come with a ready smile :)) A sample of the last notice :

– Blog posts
– We recommend you join the Magic Worlds Studios subscriber in order to be informed of all this :

Basic (and not exhaustive) rules :

– Payment is for all the duration and doesn’t change, whatever is the date of your registration.
– no over-text, no flashing scripts.
– LM to your main shop accepted.
– About the marketing support, we advertise sales, last releases and such, you do at your location of the event only. Send Pierre Ceriano a notice gathering pictures, text and whatever will help the message. Dead line to contact Pierre : each Friday and each Thursday.

End it is not the end !

We widely open our arms to artists (dancer, spectacles…) storytellers and fashion shows : all tips for their own. We advertise these events too.  Take advantage of the traffic generated by our event and play the show !

Thank you for joining !
We remain available for any further information you may need :
Nana Saenz
Pierre Ceriano

March the 1st : not one, not two but three events starting !

Happy Easter full perm hunt posterEgg shaped wheel - 1 LI - FULL PERMS Mesh objectThe Happy Easter full perm hunt by Fairyzette. Click the poster for more infos and hints. Pierre Ceriano participating with a egg shaped wheel. Hunt prizes are 2 L$ only !


Full perm fair 2015 The Spring full perm Fair, by Rux Anatra and Up4 Dawes. Click the poster for more infos. The designers of The Builders Factory are showcasing their latest releases : Pink Byron, Pierre Ceriano,… And we’ll do some sales so keep reading this post as it will be updated : read above.


Carrosse chair for Steam X (2015 edition)STEAM X - STEAM_ the Dream by Tattoo LaneSteam X, a Steampunk hunt by the Mieville team. All infos on their blog. Pierre Ceriano participates with a copy and modify Carrosse chair (7 poses).



Spring Festival Logo 2015Spring blaze - 5 FULL PERMS Texturesclover 4 youSpring Festival at the Cookie Jar. All infos on their blog. Nana Saenz, Pierre Ceriano participate.

Spring full perms fair at old Europe : the second and last round of discounts !

Spring full perms fair at old Europe : the first round of discounts !

Italian tiles, the Canaletto edition, by Pierre Ceriano

Tapestries of Venice, by Pierre Ceriano

The pond, by Pierre Ceriano

The egg shaped wheel, by Pierre Ceriano


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