March the 1st : not one, not two but three events starting !

Happy Easter full perm hunt posterEgg shaped wheel - 1 LI - FULL PERMS Mesh objectThe Happy Easter full perm hunt by Fairyzette. Click the poster for more infos and hints. Pierre Ceriano participating with a egg shaped wheel. Hunt prizes are 2 L$ only !


Full perm fair 2015 The Spring full perm Fair, by Rux Anatra and Up4 Dawes. Click the poster for more infos. The designers of The Builders Factory are showcasing their latest releases : Pink Byron, Pierre Ceriano,… And we’ll do some sales so keep reading this post as it will be updated.


Carrosse chair for Steam X (2015 edition)STEAM X - STEAM_ the Dream by Tattoo LaneSteam X, a Steampunk hunt by the Mieville team. All infos on their blog. Pierre Ceriano participates with a copy and modify Carrosse chair (7 poses).

Gatchas, by Nana Saenz

Italian tiles, the Canaletto edition, by Pierre Ceriano

Tapestries of Venice, by Pierre Ceriano

The pond, by Pierre Ceriano

The egg shaped wheel, by Pierre Ceriano

Paths of stones, by Pierre Ceriano

The three rocks, by Pierre Ceriano

The pathway, by Pierre Ceriano


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