Link to the stores (MarketPlace) of the designers of The Magic Worlds Studios :

Baby Moons

Be Enchanted ! Mélusine Enchanted

Be Enchanted ! Raymondin Enchanted

Comptoir des Tissus

Curiosa Deville

Eros Deville

Isaak Vasiliov

Liberty Bubble

Loly Dirval

Mind Serenity

Moon Omizu / Moon Curves

Nana Saenz

Ondine Sweetwater

Osome Chrome

Pia Infinity

Pia Miami

Pierre Ceriano (Second Life)

Pierre Ceriano (Inworldz / InBiz)

Pink Byron

Rose Bertin

Shoola Nirvana

Shy Infinity (Sensual Couture for Men)

Tym Topaz

Watsoon Steampunk

Yum Andel