How to create a sculpty ?

0) First check the volume rendering : Advanced Menu > Debug Settings > RenderVolumeLODFactor at value = 5 and press Enter. (Nota, if you don’t have the Advanced Menu : CTRL + ALT + D and it appears at the top of your screen)

1) Create a cube

2) Edit the cube and choose “sculpted” in “Building block type”

3) Drag the map (sculptie texture) in the window for this purpose

4) Select “Plane” under “stitching Type”

5) In the Content tab, add the script to align texture (repeat texture)

6) Select a texture in your inventory, place it the module in the “Texture” : texture will be placed in the right place (thanks to the script)

7) When your object is ready, check the “Phantom” option

My sculpts are building bases and may not be solid. If you want a floor (for example), you will have to create a solid and invisible prim to add to your design. Solid and ghost prims shouldn’t be linked.

Maps are editable, but I do not authorize resale “as is”, modification and use on other grids, whether public or private. This is to protect the copyrights of my designs.

Read this carefully:

For other questions and requests, thank you to send me a notecard. Needless to send me an IM: like most artists, I am not always in front of my screen but on my software, or simply daydreaming:)

Also an excellent FAQ you can read on the Second Life wiki : Sculpted Prims: Frequently Asked Questions.