The Magic Worlds Studios

The Magic Worlds Studios is a compendium of designers, builders and retailers that offer their creations and services over the metaverse. Essentially Second Life and Inworldz. Main landing point : Sweet Desire (in Second Life for both the full perms components and other perms).

They work mainly in the following areas :

  • Textures.
  • Mesh objects.
  • Build (terraforming, building 3D objects, scripting, crafting, sound effects).
  • Scripts.
  • Services for Individuals.
  • Business Services.

Here are some of them (setting their main shop at Tequila) :

Nana Saenz, founder and Chairman of the board of The Magic Worlds Studios, her creations, her MarketPlace. Her brands : “Nana Saenz”, “Wisp Her” and “Impertinence²”

Pierre Ceriano, CEO of The Magic Worlds Studios and of the Builders Factory, lawyer of the compendium, his MarketPlace. His brand : “Pierre Ceriano”. Alternative account for not full perms items : Douglas Fairlady, his MarketPlace.

Ales Beaumont : Scripter and ABTechnologie owner ; his MarketPlace.

Raymondin and Melusine Enchanted : Sculpt designers, owners of the brand “Be Enchanted”. His blog, his MarketPlace, her MarketPlace.

Pink Byron, designer of fantastic sculpted and/or blank templates clothings. Her MarketPlace.

Azel Blackburn, packs of textures. Her MarketPlace.

Liberty Bubble : young designer full of pretty things, her MarketPlace.

Mind Serenity : designer, proud owner of the brand “Little Things”, her MarketPlace.

Watsoon Steampunk : “Single and singular textures for amazing designers !” His MarketPlace (thousands of textures)

Shoola Nirvana who sells .tga textures. Her MarketPlace.

Tym Topaz : designer of furniture. His MarketPlace

Moon Omizu : designer of clothings for pulpy and curvy Ladies, under the brand “Moon Curves”, her blog, her MarketPlace.

Le Comptoir des Tissus : a brand that brings together the textures of fabrics created by the designers above. MarketPlace.

Builders Factory is a department of The Magic Worlds Studios which gathers full permission items created by the designers above. This manifests itself in a dedicated place in the main store, joint advertising and joint development in other regions.

Of course we are helped by several talented people in respect of which we have :

  • Higher Enoch, who corrects our bad English…
  • Magicworlds Resident, who is an alternative avatar sending advertising and disturbing you time to time.

With us, you travel through worlds both virtual and magical. We love to combine creativity, magic, romance, to create ever-more amazing objects and universes. Passion dwells us : before doing business, we birth our dreams and share them with you. See you soon on the game !