Paris attacks : editor’s note

Here is my feeling and opinion as editor of the website and as one of the animators of The Magic Worlds Studios. And also but not the least, as a global citizen. I apologize in advance for my bad English.

It is not being arrogant to being a proud resident of a country that inspired The Human Rights charters, France. This is an honour. Since the age of Enlightenment we fighted all kinds of obscurantisms. That long and difficult struggle resulted in the separation of Church and State and the principle of religious neutrality on the part of the State. The Muslim world needs to conduct its secular revolution, instead it will continue to produce a bunch of ignorant extremists. Christians did it (and sometimes need to continue to do it), Muslims can do it too. Then we will all enjoy a world of peace.

While I’m profoundly chocked by what happened in my country this November, I’ll do my best to ensure the effective functioning of the notices, and beyond, of the community of creators I belong to. Religions tend to raise the human spirit, protect life, empower the weak. We all must fight the stupid cowards who consider religions as weapons. May God bless you and the bereaved families.

Pierre Ceriano


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