Le Pavillon Français – Modern edition

[MarketPlace] [Rez area]

This French Pavilion is inspired by an actual building located in the gardens of The Petit Trianon in Versailles, France. I gave it a distinctly modern look in the sense that the body of the building is sweetened its cherubs, balustrades and various other decorations. The interior features decorative elements of the original : the arrangement of rooms and Corinthian columns ; an octagonal salon in the middle surrounded by four cabinets in a cruciform arrangement. I added a luxurious chandelier that shares its details with throngs of gems, no alpha was utilized. In terms of texture, I used the old Russian historical panels and historical parquets I made ​​this year. I made a research about the pigments used by painters of the period, so I used Burnt Sienna earth, Orpiment and Lime white on marbles and different coatings. I added them apart so you can apply them to the surrounding structures and give harmony to the whole.

Footprint of the building itself : 42 x 42 meters
209 Land Impacts

Everything is modify, so you might add, remove, change parts and textures.

Scripts : main doors, light ON/OFF

Easy rez system.


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