Granits, marbles, plasters : pigments of the Middle Age

[Granits : MarketPlace] [Marbles : MarketPlace]

I released these packs of textures using pigments of the Middle Age. Two packs : 12 granits and 12 marbles, that can be used as plasters (roughcasts) unchecking the shininess.

Available since the Antiquity, mineral pigments were used by painters throughout the Middle Ages : red ochre, yellow ochre, umber (named here burnt Sienna earth and raw Sienna earth) and lime white. Also available since antiquity, medieval Italian painters used green earth for under painting flesh tones. Its commonly used synonym is Verona green, from Verona, a city in the north part of Italy. Malachite and verdigris were also used as greens. Orpiment continued to be used for yellow together with yellow ochre. In addition to azurite, which had been used as a blue since the time of the ancient Egyptians, by far the most important blue in the Middle Ages was ultramarine. Source : Pigments through the ages.

If you need to apply theses colors to other materials, I give you the RVB codes used for the packs I made :

Lime white : 235 242 234

Ultramarine : 1  80 137

Azurite : 32 80 114

Realgar : 252 126  13

Yellow ochre : 204 149 80

Orpiment : 242 182 57

Verona green (Green earth) : 72 94 77

Malachite : 122 159 100

Verdigris : 149 165 149

Red ochre : 51 25 5

Burnt Sienna earth : 98 48 52

Raw Sienna earth : 138 51 36


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