The Mieville Halloween village 2014 is opened !

October 18th through November 2nd, come to Mieville Halloween Village for six different themed areas of ghastly, ghoulish delights. See the Pumpkin Patch, the Witches’ Woods with Witchy-Poo’s Gacha Emporium, Skellytown, Vampyreville and Vampyreville Castle, Ghostly Gulch, or even the super-scary Spyder Steppes! There’s lots of entertaining things to see and do, shopping, trick-or-treat and fabulous prizes.

Nana Saenz, Ouminakati Aboubakar, Le Cmptoir des Tissus and Pierre Ceriano will showcase their latest releases in the range of Halloween things. Watsoon Steampunk filled a vendor with 12 packs of textures at 50 % OFF !

One way, this way !

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Gatchas, by Nana Saenz

Candles task, by Nana Saenz

Bloomy tapestries, by Pierre Ceriano

A wishing well, by Nana Saenz

Autumn Flourish tapestries, by Pierre Ceriano

The Crypt, a skybox by Nana Saenz

Street tree, by Pierre Ceriano

LAST ROUND of OFFs at the 5th Full perm Fair – Old Europe !

full perm fair 5th posterWatsoon Steampunk, Le Comptoir des Tissus, Pink Byron and Pierre Ceriano gather their latest releases under the Builders Factory flagship, from September the 26th to October the 20th. And, starting every Friday a round of twelve 50 % OFF items : on the slide-show bellow the LAST bunch of promotional stuff. (Prices shown include the OFF). So… one way, this way ! and rendez-vous at the Builders Factory booth. Also two permanent gifts (one exclusive).


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