The Mieville Halloween village 2014 is opened !

October 18th through November 2nd, come to Mieville Halloween Village for six different themed areas of ghastly, ghoulish delights. See the Pumpkin Patch, the Witches’ Woods with Witchy-Poo’s Gacha Emporium, Skellytown, Vampyreville and Vampyreville Castle, Ghostly Gulch, or even the super-scary Spyder Steppes! There’s lots of entertaining things to see and do, shopping, trick-or-treat and fabulous prizes.

Nana Saenz, Ouminakati Aboubakar, Le Cmptoir des Tissus and Pierre Ceriano will showcase their latest releases in the range of Halloween things. Watsoon Steampunk filled a vendor with 12 packs of textures at 50 % OFF !

One way, this way !

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Gatchas, by Nana Saenz

Hidden Heart, by Nana Saenz

Cliff, cave and plateau system, by Pierre Ceriano

Flawless, a corset and pants, by Nana Saenz

Cliff – rock bump textures, by Pierre Ceriano

Cemetery dress, by Nana Saenz

Skeleton chairs, by Nana Saenz

Black & White tapestries, by Pierre Ceriano

Fantasy witches, by Nana Saenz


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